Monday, June 27, 2011

The house at Hayvenhurst

It is surprisingly unassuming and close to the street-- Michael's childhood home.The gates are plain and share a driveway area with a neighbor on the other side.
How is it that so much magic came from this unassuming place?
Security personnel was polite (unlike some other places) and they were tolerant of the fans who assembled to remember a skinny little kid who grew up at Hayvenhurst...

Forest Lawn

Sunday, June 26, 2011


The Grammy Awards Museum has an MJ exhibit that it almost took down just before Michael passed. Instead they added to the exhibit.

Gardner Elementary School on 6.25.11

A special program at a special school...
Gardner Elementary school took the plywood off of Michael Jackson's name and cleaned up the years of dust. The hallways are filled with pictures of Michael' many faces. In the auditorium, several speakers who knew Michael or honored him were on stage...
Majestic Magnificent
William Wegener
Tom Mesereau
Cory Feldman
Larry Nimmer
Michael King (Impersonator)
Gloria Rhoades Berlin (In Search of Neverland- Michael's Real Estate Agent)

Forest Lawn on 6.25.11

Flowers, flags and pictures

As far as the eye could see..

Saturday, June 25, 2011

This was a very touching poem at Forest Lawn:

Ah! Sweet mystery of life,
At last I’ve found thee!
Ah! I know at last
The secret of it all;

All the longing, seeking,
Striving, wasting, yearning
The burning hopes, the joy
And idle tears that fall!

For tis love, and love alone
The world is seeking
For tis love, and love alone
That can repay!

Tis the answer, tis the end
And ll of living!
For it is love alone
That rules for Aye!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Forest Lawn

Thursday was a Forest Lawn and Captain EO day.
Michael's patio at Holly Terrace was filled with sunflowers when we first arrived and the staff came in to take all of them into the crypt. A sea of sunflowers!

Cards from fans, photos, posters and love letters for Michael

The doorway to Michael's resting place.

For Michael fans- leave a note.

The Mystery of Life Sculpture at Forest Lawn.

So Michael...

There was only one way to lighten the mood...

Where to Captain?